Brief summary

  1. I’ve been cooking every
    weekend because we’ve been bored with food lately, and it’s been
    working out pretty well, yayyy!!! This weekend I prepared a pineapple
    shutney, a chicken with vellouté sauce and also a yummy yummy brownie
  2. Me and my brother finally managed to wash my dog, she was
    stinking sooo much, she was really happy after the whole thing was over
    (yes cause during shower she hates it, tries to run away, etc etc)
  3. My brother’s teaching me how to
    dance forró!! LOL He’s been taking dancing lessons and wants to
    practice at home, so he chose…me We started yesterday, it’s kinda funny and cool heheheh
  4. It’s been decided: on Monday Oct. 17th (precisely 1 week before
    my french oral exam that will last 2 hours), I’m having a surgery to
    have my last wisdom tooth removed. I hope I’ll be fully recovered by
    then…oh and this means that I need to study for the oral exam this
    week instead of next week, hooray Oh and if you want to know more about these annoying things called wisdom teeth, check
  5. 8040 views on my blog, wooohoooo!!!!!! Thanks for everyone who’ve bothered to read and even comment sometimes I thought nobody would be interested in what I have to say except for my friends and boyfriend
  6. Not about me anymore: is somebody still counting the bodies in that earthquake in Islamabad?
  7. Can
    you believe that ex-Mr. Universe, aka Arnold aka Conan the Barbarian Terminator aka now
    California’s governor is doing anything he can to PROHIBIT VIOLENT
    VIDEO GAMES???? I’d think that was a joke if I hadn’t seen it in a
    serious article…man…
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3 opiniões sobre “Brief summary

  1. Anti-American

    hey…you like a lot of metal.check out the mars volta…they kick so much ass. k bye.

  2. SpazzyTorri

    I read your blog! I\’ve added you to my list thingy so I can get to it faster (without having to find an old comment and finding the link from there). Did I get your name right?

  3. Dionne

    Hey wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog the other day! I once said the same thing as u.. that I would not be with anyone that smoked etc.. and look at me now! I fell in love with an amazing man… and he did quit.. for two months.. but has started again and i totally agree 100% about how icky it is… but what do i do… i love him.. sigh… thanks again… have a good one!D

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