Telephone, dog, car, Axl & other weirdities

  • We took our dog to the vet the other day and found out she’s in perfect health…except for a minor tumor
    The doctor will ask for some exams to see if there’s any tumor anywhere
    else, but even if there isn’t, she’ll have to perform a surgery to
    extract not only the tumor, but my dog’s both boobies and ovaries.

That’s kind of scary for us, cause it’s not such a minor surgery after
all as we thought…BUT we decided to do it because our other dog
had a tumor detected only after many years, and she died about 2 years
after its removal – of pulmonary problems. The thing is, this vet told
us that this is very recurrent with dogs – their tumors are usually
tiny and go by unnoticed, until it grows to a considerable level and
the dog dies some time later with cardiac or pulmonar insuffiency
Our other dog died when she was 13, so she was old anyway. But this one
is 8 years old…which is why we’ll risk the surgery, to see if she can
live longer than the other

  • Heheheh we finally
    got a new telephone – TWO new telephones in fact!Well, it’s 2 in
    one…I don’t know if it should be considered one or two Bah, who cares! The important thing is that we are currently phone-curse free!!!
    Let’s see how much this curse-free period will last….lol Let me
    explain: every phone we buy here in my house is cursed. As in: they
    don’t work properly. They either develop some weird huge annoying
    noise, or some keys simply won’t work, or they will simply not answer
    when we press the talk button But now everything seems to be working fine, mwahahaha, it’s payback timeee!!!
  • Today was my first re-driving
    lesson! The guy talked a lot to make sure I really wanted to drive
    again, and also to make me feel safe and to clear any doubts I might
    possibly have.Of course, as the next classes come things will be sorted
    out more and more. I only drove in the last 10 minutes, but that was
    already good enough for me to remember how it was to feel the car, how
    it was to change gears, etc…amazingly enough, no accident happened!
    LOL And I rested surpremely calm, which was another huge conquest
  • After so many days of almost
    unbearable heat, it’s finally rained and cooled down, phew!!!!! Maximum
    temperature was 29ºC, thankfully!!!
  • Axl Rose was interviewed
    Rolling Stone and it seems – attention everyone! – that Chinese
    Democracy will finally come out!!! He said: " People will hear music
    this year. I’m trying to do something different. Some of the
    arrangements are kind of like Queen. Some people are going to say,
    ‘It doesn’t sound like Axl Rose, it doesn’t sound like Guns n’
    Roses’ But you’ll like at least a few
    songs on there." Another revealing (and yet kinda scary LOL) part of
    the article: "We’re working on thirty-two songs, and twenty-six are
    done," he says. Of those, thirteen are slated for the final album.
    Among Rose’s favorites are "Better," "There Was a Time" and "The
    Blues." A comeback with Guns? Oh we dream about it…but look what he
    said: "I haven’t spoken to Slash in ten years. I
    love the guy, I always wanted everyone to know how great he was,
    but…. I was just talking to Izzy the other day though."
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5 opiniões sobre “Telephone, dog, car, Axl & other weirdities

  1. Sylvain

    Bravo for the first drive chérie :DAnd take good care of Angra!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xooxoxxoxo

  2. Sylvain

    Even if she don\’t like me… 😛

  3. Solange

    LOLLLL Heyyy you don\’t know if she likes you!!! You didn\’t even try to make friends with her, humpfieee! 😛

  4. Unknown

    new to this…i have german shepherd….i love axl…

  5. Unknown

    new to this…i have german shepherd….i love axl…

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