Falando sobre Everything changes; only change does not.

 A text by Bonnie that I thought was beautiful


Everything changes; only change does not.

I used to pray to some magic power that I believed in when I was little. I prayed for becoming a piegon flying far, far away from where I lived.
I wish the wind to take me to some mysterious castle located in rainforest where I could find ancient kind people and lived happily forever.


Having a little house somewhere far far away from mordernity. In the morning, waking up under transparent lovely sunlight, go out pick up flowers, blueberries, mushrooms, cook a nice meal for my family. Knit a long long blue gray scar for my kids, while enjoying the beautiful views from this little blue window. Summer breeze gently blow my face and seaweed-like hair, blow warmth into our little hosue. We light up candles under moonlight, reading stories for our kids.



I also used to dream of one day, a guy riding a bicycle crossing the town to sends me a huge bunch of gardenia, kneeing down under my bedroom window, reading a love poem to me. My whole universe would be just fragrant as the flower, shiny as the star. ^^



Why can’t I just be that little girl for good? That little girl who plays with sand, wind, crabs, and ocean waves for whole day and never gets tired. Why do we have to change? Changed into so called "Adult" and our life becomes to have so many stupid rules? I saw kids running pleasantly and carefreely on playground, why can’t we do the same? What is changed and why does it have to be changed? The meaning of happiness has changed? No…we still love to eat ice-cream as we were little; we still like to be with friends but doing things other than chasing each other around or doing hide-and-seek; we still look forward to the moment when we get gifts from friends and family on Christmas or birthday; we sometimes still laugh just like a little kid, like we never laughed before; we always enjoy eating chocolate and candy–I think Valentine’s Day was created to give us an official reason to have some more chocolate and not feeling guilty! ^0^

I don’t want to change; Yet I like changes. Without changes, life would get so boring. But when seeing life get changed, I feel reconciled somewhow, I wanted to grab the little tail of my youth time before it’s gone.


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2 opiniões sobre “Falando sobre Everything changes; only change does not.

  1. Bonnie

    I am just glad that you enjoyed my entry princess SOSO!!! I didn\’t see you updating for like 2-3 days before, and I was busy with my stuff so I didn\’t came by and it was STUPID! hoho I should\’ve keep tracking everyone\’s blogs!!!!!!
    As for Olympic, I dont have time watching TV..Brazilians do very well on soccor everybody knows that! it\’s the numero uno in the world! Winter actitivies, yeah you right Brazil is kinda like tropical weather. ^^
    ahh i am glad that you are updating normally and I\’ll come by again soon!
    Have a fantastic weekend, lovely!

  2. Solange

    LOL!!!!!! Don\’t worry Bon, it\’s impossible to keep track of people\’s blogs, I myself haven\’t seen yours in a long while :(((
    Hehheheh no need to blush either 😛 I was feeling kinda down the day I read that post of yours, and I not only did I relate to it, but I also felt happier after reading it! 😀 Thank you 🙂
    The Olympics…it\’s over now, sniifff!!!:P BUT the World Cup is about to come (it\’s only in June, but we\’re already making the countdown!!! *evil*), and I HOPE what you said proves to be correct 😛 Brazil IS the best soccer team, but looking at its past players we get very depressed…these new players have so much talent, so much recognition and so much money, but it seems they don\’t care about making any effort anymore! Probably because of the money/recognition part…*roll eyes* They barely train together, so the team lacks harmony…bah. It\’s been the same since the 1998 Cup, it sucks…but let\’s see how it goes. If Brazil doesn\’t win, my bet goes to…uhm…either Argentina, Italy, England or Germany (last one stronger because they\’ll be playing at home, duh :P).

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