Evgeni Plushenko – Евгения Плющенко

I’ve been accompanying the career of this Russian (he’s a figure skater, in case you don’t know) for some years now – with difficulty, because the television stations in Brazil don’t give a damn about winter sports – or hardly any sport except soccer, in fact  Thankfully Youtube exists, though…

Anyway, he’s definitely one of the best of all times in this field – many consider him an athlete only, but I think he’s an artist too, really. Anyone who’s seen his presentations – not only in competitions like the Olympics, but mainly in television programs and things like that – knows what I’m talking about. The guy is funny, has a great interpreation and he’s just irreproachable technically. OBVIOUSLY the man is no machine, he does make mistakes at times, but even someone like me (HELLO, I’M FROM A TROPICAL COUNTRY WHERE IT NEVER SNOWS!!) notices he’s far more superior than the current figure skaters out there. I love Lambiel, Takahashi and Weir too, each of them have wonderful qualities, but Plushenko, to me, summarizes the best you could wish for in figure skating, INCLUDING charisma and good sense of humor (just watch the Sex Bomb video on Youtube hahahhaha)!


Last week in Vancouver, Plushenko did an excellent presentation (not his best, but still impressive compared to the rest – if you take into consideration his surgeries and years away from the ice, it gets even more impressive!). He chose to do a bold move (a quadruple jump), and lost the gold medal for this. I’m not saying Evan’s presentation was bad, but it was completely clean for being safe. Plushenko never played safe, but this time he was very harmed by this. And, like he said in interviews, if the athletes don’t risk moving forward, accepting new challenges, sports are dead, and figure skating will remain something obvious, with only the same moves and jumps being done. Blah…boring.

I don’t know the reasons why this happened – some people are saying it’s political (yeah, the old Cold War isn’t so old as we think), some are saying the jury was corrupted, others are saying it was some personal grudge against Plushenko, etc… – I don’t care, all I know is that fairness wasn’t there when his performance was judged.

If you’d like to know all the details about what happened exactly, watch the following videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FhehWKknnw and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0BwZEF0i_M

I don’t think arguments such as "Oh, but we aren’t judges, we don’t precisely know the standards required, or the right criteria…" or "Only those who practice figure skating know what’s harder, a quadruple, or a triple axel, or two triples combined, etc…" work. These arguments are just not valid at all. Just because we haven’t been taught music history and singing techniques, does that mean we’re not entitled to hear a singer and find faults or qualities in his/her singing, like or dislike him/her? No!!!! We’re looking at the performances from an audience perspective – and the audience is what the sports are MAINLY about nowadays, right? Without people to watch, what’s the point? Just personal enjoyment for the athletes – and for that, they can practice at home looking in a mirror.

So, if you, like me, would like to express your support to Evgeny, please go to this forum – http://russport.3nx.ru/viewtopic.php?t=14 and write your full name (name + surname), your country, your city and your profession. That’s it

*Edited – maybe you have to register, I don’t know…if that’s the case, let me take you step by step:

1- Here’s the direct link to register: http://russport.3nx.ru/profile.php?mode=register
2- Click in the first option at the bottom of that page, where it says "Я согласен с этими условиями и мне 14 лет или больше" (it means you’re over 14 years old and agree with the terms of the forum)
3- A form will appear for you to fill – the first one is your username, the second is your email (you’ll receive an email to confirm your registration), the third is the password you’ll choose, the other one is the confirmation of the password and then you have to type the letters/numbers in the box below the image that contains them.
4- the rest is optional (if you want to fill your MSN address, webpage, age, city, country, etc…just choose english instead of russian, then the forum’s buttoms will appear in english)
5- you log in by putting your name and password here:
6- Finally, you go to the topic http://russport.3nx.ru/viewtopic.php?t=14 and write your full name (name + surname), your country, your city and your profession. That’s it 🙂 They’ll send this letter http://russport.3nx.ru/viewtopic.php?t=13 with all the signatures of the people who posted there.

Thank you 🙂


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