More on the Russian blondie ;)

Yes, Evgeni Plushenko went to Munich (Germany) facing the possibility of a surgery (or more than one!).
After 3 or 4 days of other types of treatment (which to my eyes seemed painful in a torture-like kind of way), however, such types of intervention were avoided Those doctors must be extremely skilled!!!!
As for our platinum champion, he’s back at home in St. Petersburg and it seems like he’s already thinking about returning to "light training" after the recommended 2-weeks rest… 
Source of news? His newly-found (and already steaming hot with almost 4.000 followers and bedtime photographs)… 
….Twitter account (that he had used only once during the European Championship in January and abandoned, but now, thanks to Yana, he’s apparently addicted to it!)!
Want to "follow" Evgeni? Not necessary to have a Twitter account (I know *I* won’t open one). It’s easy, just visit his page there: – I also recommend his wife’s account – she posts pictures of her, of him, and other things that he doesn’t post.
I forgot to say: unlike what he did in January, he’s sending messages in Russian. Worry not, though!: our good friend Google will translate his texts into your language, in a very dadaistic funny, not at all gramatically correct, and not always totally understandable way (words out of order, weird words whose meaning you can’t even guess, etc…):
Oh well, we have to consider Russian’s not only a foreign language, but one with a completely different alphabet, where a C is an S, an R twisted to the left я is "ya", this Eiffel-tower like letter д is a D, the P is the R and the N twisted to the left и is an "E" or an "I" (I’m not so sure yet). See, I’ve been learning a lot of russian!   LOL!! Having Google as teacher is disappointing and depressing in many ways! Privet (привет) means hello, всем means "all" (as in "everyone"), супер is "super" and spasibo (спасибо) – with the final "O" being pronounced as an "A", as in PlushenkO, just to make life a little bit more complicated – is thank you, HAAAH! See, see!!
Sometimes real russian speakers translate what was said – you can see some examples of that in Facebook and also in this topic of his forum (people also comment and speculate on the messages there):
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