On bodies, cars and DVDs

Not necessarily in that alphabetical order
I had the intention of recording Quintet to give it to someone, but apparently my computer doesn’t recognize it because it’s a copy (I don’t even know if they’ve released this one officially – probably not)…how great Later I’ll go check if my DVD player recognizes it…which won’t be much of a relief, because I need the computer drive to record it! I bet this is all John’s doing, because he hates this film so much I shall not give up, though!!! LOL
Another DVD I’m worried about is Corciolli’s Lightwalk live at Auditório do Ibirapuera – I promised to send it to a lot of people, but right now I have no time to go buy it, post in in the post office, etc…I hope people will understand if I take more time…hell, I’ve been waiting for this DVD since last October, it won’t go anywhere, right? I’m just afraid they’ll release few copies…nah…they wouldn’t release a DVD with so few copies that it can’t wait a month, right?!?
PS – it’s out!!
On the subject of bodies: I’m also a little frustrated because I probably won’t be able to go to the bodies exhibition that’s taking place here in SP – it started in June and will only be over one week from now, and yet I don’t think I’ll be able to make it I went to one of those about 3 years ago – however, it’s not the same one…people are saying this one’s much nicer because it has more bodies and exposed in different positions. I know how morbid it sounds, but really, this is very cool, I learnt so much with it, and it’s not disgusting at all – and trust me, if there’s someone who doesn’t have stomach, it’s me. I don’t even like the thought of touching raw meat with my bare (EDITED: I had mispelled this word, I had written BEAR hands, ahahhahha – as if my paws were THAT big) hands (my mother made me do it on more than one occasion and it was the worst experience ever, I would have preferred to touch poop, seriously!!!!!).
  I know, seeing the photos like this seems bizarre (and maybe disgusting and morbid), but trust me, it’s really cool to see this live. It’s more than educational, it really makes you think.
They also compare healthy and sick body parts – so, for instance, you can see side by side the lungs of a person who used to live in the countryside, the lungs of someone who used to live in a city, and the lungs of someone who used to smoke! LOL It’s very scary how our poor lungs are mistrated by air pollution, and if I were a smoker, after having seen that smoker’s lungs, I’d have quit instantly hahahah It’s a very persuasive argument They even put a plastic box beside the smoker’s lung with a “Throw your cigarette here” sign LOLLLLL A lot of people threw them away, obviously I’ve also seen hearts that suffered stroke compared to healthy ones, brains that suffered stroke, bones with arthritis, things like that…like I said, very educational, especially for those of us who have never taken anatomy classes, and whose knowledge of the human body is restricted to our schools’ manuals with those crappy, very abstract drawings.
Sure enough, I wouldn’t want to go to the morgue and check out a body, either, it’d be too shocking because the body is…well, you know…fresh!!!! I like the method these people chose to preserve the bodies, because they look very real without looking yucky – they look a bit plastified, but not enough for us to think it’s dolls, you know? Plus, you can see all the veins so well, it’s really impressive! The whole arterial network amazed me, as well as the respiratory system – our lungs look like they’re made of cute little trees with thousands of other little trees inside them, really cute And fragile! And yet so resistant!! The structure of our feet also impressed me sooooo much, because when you think of it…it’s a tiny part of your body, right? Yet it has to sustain *ALL* of your weight, not to mention the pressure when you jump, etc…it’s really cool to see the muscles that do all that work!!!!! Well, it’s cool to see how ALL our muscles and veins and bones work! Everything seemed so obvious, yet I had never stopped to think about those things, and I learnt a lot of facts I didn’t know. I’d dare say that if people don’t believe in God, or in some sort of superior intelligence, whatever it is you call it, after seeing that exhibition it’s really hard not to think there’s some organizatory principle behind the universe that created such a complex machinery as our bodies. I’m not exaggerating! Because our bodies aren’t the only complex organism in the universe…when you come to think of all the living beings, all the galaxies, everything that exists….it’s too overwhelming and it just leads you to that conclusion, you know?
 Talking about machinery, I’ve finally come to the cars subject! (not an abrupt transition of subjects at all, is it?) I’ve never liked cars. In fact, the more I think of it, the more I hate cars! Not per se…but people are just so stupid, it seems their stupidity grows as soon as they’re behind the wheel. Terrible. How many people speed up like hell just for the sake of it? It’s stupid! You want adrenaline? Dude, go do some bungee jumping, try to escalate Mount Everest or something…don’t play with OTHER people’s lives (that’s the funny/ironic thing is that usually the person who causes the accident remains very much alive, and someone else who wasn’t even in this person’s vehicle ends up killed….). I also hate cars because they pollute, they’re noisy, and they make people stressed – traffic jams, what an absurd idea when you think of it…!!!!! Needless to say, I learnt how to drive, but I don’t drive. I’ve been taken buses most of my life, and people tell me I’m stupid, they say I like to suffer, I like wasting my time…sure, the collective system of transportation SUCKS, but people don’t even care or do anything to change that situation. If the priority were given to a healthy society, this would’t be so – I bet we’d have enough buses/subways/trains/whatevers instead of this ridiculous system of 1-person-per-car-driving-each-other-mad.
Having said all that…yesterday I was watching one of these documentary channels such as Discovery Science or something like that, and there was a program about the cars of the future. I was about to change the channel when the designs of these cars caught my eye (especially the one called Pivo) – this is the one thing I like about cars, they’re so pretty LOLLLL No, seriously, some are really beautiful! People think I’m a weirdo because I’m not a man – but who said you have to be a man to appreciate the beauty of motorcycles or automobiles??? Geez…!!! Anyway, yesterday they showed “ecologically correct” cars, cars that dive (YES, I said dive! It doesn’t just float – amphibian cars aren’t new I guess, but I had never heard of any that dives!! hahahha It’s called Squba, by the way), cars that are made completely of wood (!!), cars that literally drive themselves, cars that, instead of having a windshield, have a big computer screen where you can see the road much better than if you were looking at it with your own eyes, etc…in the end, this show almost made me change my mind about cars I wonder what they’re waiting for before starting to mass-produce these babies!
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