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Pedindo ajuda aos universitários! Asking for help!

Someone? Anyone?? Helppp!!! Please?? If you know English and you come to my blog (for some reason, God knows why, very few people ever stop by LOL), pleease take 5 minutes to read the lyrics while listening to the song below…I really need to know if I got these lyrics more or less correctly…and if you have a different opinion on any parts, please let me know.Pretty please?? 🙂

Preciso saber a letra completa da música Glamorous Night (composta por Ivor Novello e com letra do Christopher Hassal). Não, não tem na internet, já procurei (tem por 10 reais, mas não quero pagar 😛 Também achei potencialmente aqui mas aqui no meu computador não aparece nada, apenas uma tela em branco dizendo “plug in ausente” :(). Ouvi 3 versões no Youtube, sendo que só uma delas tem a última estrofe (e cujo primeiro verso me é incompreensível!). As coisas que não entendi estão com (…) e interrogação, e com palavras que ouço mas que não fazem sentido 😛 Mesmo as partes que PENSO ter entendido, ainda tenho minhas dúvidas se é isso mesmo que é cantado… Ah, só mais uma coisa: algumas versões começam com o verso “Each night”, e outras com o verso “Deep in my heart”.

I’ve searched for the lyrics of Novello’s “Glamorous Night” (the song, not the whole musical :P) and I couldn’t find it, so I searched for the song on Youtube and I found 3 versions of it – and only one of them (Mary Ellis) has the last stanza…BUT I’m very deaf when it comes to understanding lyrics LOL Especially in a foreign language, and especially when they’re sung in an opera-like style 😛 This is what I got but it’s very incomplete…could you pleeeease tell me the parts that are missing and/or wrong?
Each night I make a song for you
Each night my spirit longs for you
Each night when I’m alone I listen to my heart
And want you for my own

Each night whenever music plays
Sad dreams of when????? (…) remember days
Sad dreams of your return
Make all my being yearn for love

Deep in my heart
When the shadows are falling
I hear a voice that is ever recalling
Moments of love when the moon shone above
Magical night
Glamorous night

Deep in my heart
Like an echo repeating
Comes the refrain of our first happy meeting
Can’t we regain that delight?
Let us kiss and recapture that grandeous
And glamorous night

(Deep in my glamorous night) so alone (so coooold???) and so fearful
Holding that hand with a sigh (?) almost tearful
We shall regain that delight
We shall kiss and recapture that grandeous
And glamorous night

(this is the one that has one more stanza) and
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