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Filme assustador

Corrijo: o filme mais assustador que assisti nos últimos anos. E olha que nem é de terror, hein. Quer dizer, em termos…depende do que se considera amedrontador. EU pessoalmente tenho medo do que acontece na vida real, e não na ficção. Tenho mais medo das pessoas ditas normais do que dos psicopatas, pois apesar de ambos os tipos estarem entre nós, as ditas normais estão em maior número.

Preciso assistir mais vezes e analisar cuidadosamente. Mas, assim de cara, já dá para dizer uma coisa: o que é mais aterrorizante neste filme é que não dá para distinguir ficção de realidade, ou seja, o que é atuação e o que não é, o que é comédia e o que é sério. Aposto que o ator que interpretou a personagem principal deve ter ficado com muito, muito medo também, mas não podia expressar. E por isso, minhas palmas para ele!

Quem sabe russo, pode assistir online no seguinte link:

E, para quem não entende russo, pode assistir no Netflix, legendado.


Жанр: Комедия
Выпущено: Германия, Claussen Wobke Putz Filmproduktion, Constantin Film Produktion GmbH, Mythos Film
Режиссер: Давид Внендт
В ролях: Оливер Мазуччи, Фабиан Буш, Кристоф Мария Хербст, Катя Риман, Франциска Вульф, Ларс Рудольф, Михаэль Кесслер, Даниэль Аминати, Даги Би, Фред Аарон Блаке
О фильме: Берлин, наши дни. На заброшенном пустыре возвращается к жизни черный кошмар XX века — Адольф Гитлер, кровавый диктатор, погрузивший Германию, а за нею и половину человечества в ужас Второй мировой войны, непосредственный виновник десятков миллионов смертей. Ни власти, ни сторонников, ни жилья, ни денег у него теперь нет, но есть опыт восхождения со дна на вершины и твердая вера в победу национал-социализма. Неподготовленный мир принимает бывшего диктатора за гениального актера, его гневные речи взрывают интернет, и… Гитлер второй раз в жизни обретает статус суперзвезды. Чем же это обернется в наше время?


In the year 2011, Adolf Hitler wakes up in a vacant lot in Berlin which appears to be the location of the garden outside the bunker where he was burned, with no knowledge of anything that happened following his death in 1945. Homeless and destitute, he interprets everything he sees and experiences in 2011 from a Nazi perspective (for instance, he assumes that Turks in Germany are an indicator of Karl Dönitz having persuaded Turkey to join the Axis, and thinks that Wikipedia is named for “Wikinger”) — and although everyone recognizes him, nobody believes that he is Hitler; instead, they think he is either a comedian or a method actor. He appears on a variety television show called “Whoa, dude!,” going off-script to broadcast his views. Videos of his angry rants become hugely successful on YouTube, and he achieves modern celebrity status as a performer. Newspaper Bild tries to take him down, but is sued into praising him. He is beaten up by far-right extremists who think he is mocking the memory of Hitler, unaware that he is the genuine article. In the end, he uses his popularity to re-enter politics.

The book was priced at €19.33, a deliberate reference to Hitler’s ascent to power in that year. By March 2014 it had sold 1.4 million copies in Germany. The book has been translated into 41 languages. An English-language translation, Look Who’s Back, translated by Jamie Bulloch, was published in April 2014 by MacLehose Press. It was long-listed for the 2015 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize and the 2016 IMPAC award.
The original audiobook version is read by comedian Christoph Maria Herbst and by May 2014 had sold over 520,000 copies. Herbst had played the Hitler-based character of Alfons Hatler in the two comedy films Der Wixxer (2004) and Neues vom Wixxer (2007) before, which landed him the part of reading the audio version of the book written from the first-person POV of Hitler.
Film rights were sold, as were foreign license rights. A feature film premiered in Germany on October 8, 2015, starring Oliver Masucci as Hitler, and directed by David Wnendt (de). As a part of the movie’s promotion campaign, Masucci was made to appear as Hitler in several German cities, including the filming locations Brandenburg and Berlin, testing the public’s reactions; including at least one appearance close to an NPD rally.

In The Jewish Daily Forward, Gavriel Rosenfeld described the novel as “slapstick”, but with a “moral message.” However, while acknowledging that Vermes’s portrayal of Hitler as human rather than monster is intended to better explain Germany’s embrace of Nazism, Rosenfeld also states that the novel risks “glamorizing what it means to condemn”: readers can “laugh not merely at Hitler, but also with him.”

In Süddeutsche Zeitung, Cornelia Fiedler posited that the book’s success may be due less to its literary merits and more to the fact that its protagonist is Adolf Hitler. She stated that focusing on Hitler, “either as a comic figure or as the incarnation of evil”, risks obscuring the historical facts. Fiedler described Vermes’s assumption that readers would agree that Hitler deserved mockery as “surprisingly naive”.

In The Sydney Morning Herald, reviewer Jason Steger interviewed the book’s author, who believes that the way Hitler is seen today “is one that hasn’t too much to do with the real one”. “Most people wouldn’t think it possible that if they would have lived back then they would have thought he was in some way attractive too”, he said.


Em 2011, Adolfo Hitler acorda num terreno baldio em Berlim, sem saber o que aconteceu após o ano de 1945. Desabrigado e desamparado, Hitler interpreta tudo o que vê em 2011 a partir de uma perspectiva nazi (por exemplo, ele considera que a imigração turca na Alemanha é um indício de Karl Dönitz ter persuadido a Turquia para juntar-se ao Eixo, e pensa que o nome Wikipédia originou-se dos víquingues, “Wikinger”) e, apesar de toda a gente reconhecê-lo, ninguém acredita que ele é o próprio Hitler, e sim um comediante, ou um ator de método. Como resultado, os seus vídeos violentos e furioso tornam-se um enorme sucesso no YouTube, e ele alcança o estatuto de celebridade moderna como um artista. No final, ele usa sua popularidade para voltar à política.

O livro foi vendido a 19,33 euros, sendo uma referência deliberada da ascensão de Hitler ao poder naquele ano. Em março de 2014, foram vendidas 1.4 milhões de cópias na Alemanha. O romance foi listado para o Prémio Independente de Ficção Estrangeira de 2015, e para o Prémio Literário Internacional IMPAC de Dublim de 2016. O livro também foi traduzido em vinte e oito línguas. Em Portugal, o livro foi publicado pela editora Lua de Papel em 2013. No Brasil foi publicado pela editora Intrínseca em 2014. Nos países anglófonos, o livro sob o título de Look Who’s Back, foi traduzido por Jamie Bulloch, e publicado pela MacLehose Press em abril de 2014. O livro falado foi gravado pelo comediante alemão Christoph Maria Herbst, e em maio de 2014 foram vendidas 520.000 cópias.
O filme estreou na Alemanha a 8 de outubro de 2015, sendo realizado por David Wnendt, e protagonizado por Oliver Masucci como Hitler. Para promover a longa-metragem, Masucci apareceu como Hitler em várias cidades alemãs, incluindo Brandemburgo e Berlim.

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Quero ver este filme

What a nice guy Bernie Tiede is. He is so nice and sincere that you cannot possibly imagine him doing something bad to you. Based on a weird real-life crime story which was quite a bit stranger than fiction,Richard Linklater‘s quirky black comedy “Bernie” (2011) keeps its straight face just like its odd hero even at its most outrageous moment, and we are both fascinated and amused by his story and the colorful background surrounding him.

Jack Black, in one of the best performances in his career, plays Bernhardt ‘Bernie’ Tiede, who has always devoted himself to being nice to everyone in Carthage, Texas since he moved to the town. He has worked as the assistant funeral director of a local funeral home, and his employer tells us how he was lucky to have an ideal employee like Bernie. He is a knowledgeable expert on how to make the dead look good no matter how they died. He can persuade any customers to buy a more suitable (and more expensive) coffin instead of cheap ones because these coffins show genuine consideration and care to them. The funerals are done smoothly with his painstaking care and attention to details, and he always finds something to be improved in the ceremonies. My dear friend late Roger Ebert said in his review that he would buy a used coffin from him; Roger, I would have hired him for you and your wife Chaz if I had been able to.


Jack Black as Bernie

Everyone in the town loves and likes him even though he is an outsider coming in from Louisiana. He can start a conversation with anyone within seconds, and one scene shows him giving a bunch of oil company workers a useful advice on tax deduction. He is a diligent churchgoer, and he is always the lead singer in front the choir whenever it is the time to sing the hymns together. He also actively participates in the local musical productions; he initially started as a minor helper, but soon he becomes not only a director but also a lead actor.


While he is popular especially among the old ladies in the town because of his splendid job at the funerals, he does not seem to be interested much in them or young ladies. The people in the town naturally have some idea about his sexual preference, but everyone still likes him anyway despite the gossips and rumors being passed behind fences around the town (“In a small town, people will always suspect the worst of someone. But they’ll also suspect the best.”). They take that “Don’t tell, Don’t ask” attitude, and so does the movie, which does not delve too much into that aspect.

And then he gets involved with someone in the town, and everyone is rather surprised because she is everything Bernie is not. Mrs. Marjorie Nugent (Shirley MacLaine), who recently becomes a widow after her husband’s death, is the most hated person in the town. Her husband is a rich businessman who always loaned out money to the town folks through his local bank if it looked like a good investment, but now she makes it her personal business to reject the applications for loan whenever it is possible. Even her ‘close’ family members do not like this old mean hateful lady much; both her son and her sister have been estranged from her for years, and her granddaughter once sued her when Mrs. Nugent froze the trust fund for her.


Shirley MacLaine in Bernie

Despite her notoriety as a harridan as vicious as the Wicked Witch of the West, Bernie approaches to Mrs. Nugent as usual after her husband’s funeral. Of course, he does not get any favorable reaction from a bitter (and mean) woman, but his earnest persistence somehow scores some points from her, and, what do you know, he soon becomes a fixture in her big mansion because her cold heart is genuinely moved and melted by the warm attention she has never gotten during her last 50 years. Shirley MacLaine willingly throws herself into a pretty unlikable character, and she gives a spiky comic performance occasionally brightened by a few moments of tenderness glimpsed from her strict face.


She becomes happy to be with Bernie, and so is Bernie, always glad to be at her service. They attend the concerts together, and they also travel around many places outside Carthage and the U.S. They have a really good time with each other while enjoying the first class airplane seats, the five-star hotels and resorts, the expensive restaurants, and the joint massages at the spas. They always sleep in the same room during their travels, and, according to a rumor going around the town, it seems Mrs. Nugent wants him to be more than an average companion, but, seriously, I do not want to know more about that.


Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine

In spite of all these changes, Bernie remains as the most likable guy in the town for he is as generous as before to the town people. He receives lots of expensive things from Mrs. Nugent as staying around her, but he is not a greedy guy at all, and he gives most of them to others. He keeps working as the assistant funeral director, and he continues to participate in many town activities, and nobody says any bad word about him or his relationship with Mrs. Nugent, who becomes a little nicer than before while being with Bernie.

It looks like everybody is happy, but it isn’t so. Mrs. Nugent becomes more possessive and abusive as the time goes by, and Bernie’s daily routine is frequently disrupted by her constant demands. He naturally feels like being exhausted and suffocated, but he cannot leave her because it is against his good nature and principles. On one afternoon, he suddenly comes to the breaking point after he realizes he will never get away from her as long as she is alive, so….

What follows after that breaking point is a hilariously bizarre circumstance drenched with absurd black humor, so I let you discover how funny it is for yourself. The director/co-adapter Richard Linklater, whose screenplay is based on the 1998 Texas Monthly magazine article “Midnight in the Garden of East Texas” written by his co-adapter Skip Hollandsworth, keeps his movie tip-toeing between morbid humor and dry drollness as it goes back and forth between the main story and the interviews with the town people and other characters involved with the case and the following trial, and this documentary-like approach is the constant source of amusement and laughs.

I heard that it was difficult for Linklater to get his production financed because the screenplay looked plain and dull on the surface. It really could have been like that because the story itself does feel like another routine episode from one of those TV documentary programs about sensational real-life crime cases, but Linklater imbues his story with a delicious local flavor through the locations and his cast. I particularly enjoyed the interview scenes with the town people, which reminded me of that fascinating oddness observed from the Southern town residents in Errol Morris’ short documentary “Vernon, Florida” (1981). Although they are actually the mix of the real town people and professional actors, they all look uniformly real as the people who have been living in the area for years, and the way they seriously talk about Bernie, Mrs. Nugent, their town, and other things is fun to listen and observe. I do not know whether Texas is really divided into several areas as told by one town folk, but it is certainly amusing even if it is not true.

Jack Black, who successfully collaborated with Linklater in “School of Rock” (2003) before, pushes his ingratiating persona to the new dimension here in this film. While he looks a lot different from the real-life counterpart of his character as shown before the end credits, he convincingly embodies a likable and courteous guy compulsively driven to be nice and generous to the others around him. He might hate Mrs. Nugent for a moment, but he still wants to treat her nicely even when it doesn’t matter to her any more under his irreversible situation, and his ‘nice’ behavior ironically puts him in the circumstance far worse than it could have been.

His odd nicety is well countered by the acidic meanness effectively personified by Shirley MacLaine. I recently watched Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Trouble with Harry”(1955), and that cheerfully morbid black comedy reminded me of how young MacLaine was in her debut film. Now more than 55 years have passed, but MacLaine has lost none of her comic talent as shown in this film, and she has lots of fun with her detestable but understandable character. According to a New York Times Magazine article written by her nephew, the real Mrs. Nugent was a really insufferable woman, and I was personally tickled by one comment from the town people in the movie: “There were people in the town, you know, that would shot her for five dollars, you know.”



As the people associated with Mrs. Nugent, including her stockbroker Mr. Hornbuckle (Richard Robichaux), become very suspicious about her continuing absence for several months, the district attorney Danny Buck (Matthew McConaughey) comes into the picture. McConaughey, who has recently kept getting the roles he is born to play, depicts his character with that slick Southern charm amply exuding from his screen persona, and he relishes every moment he appears in the film. Although Buck goes a little too far in his obnoxiously self-righteous way for the justice and his reputation, I must say he has a good point when he replies to the town people asking him not to be too harsh on Bernie (A small trivia: one of them is played by his mother Kay McConaughey).


Richard Linklater, who has been making interesting films including “Waking Life“(2001) and will soon come to us again with his latest film “Before Midnight” (2013), makes a droll black comedy full of many weird turns, and Jack Black gives a terrific comic performance which deserves more attention. Even when he is arrested and then locked up in the county jail after full confession, Bernie occupies himself with teaching cooking to his fellow inmates, and he never loses his amiability no matter what happens to him. Sure, he did commit a crime to be judged, but he’s still the guy for your funeral.

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Pedindo ajuda aos universitários! Asking for help!

Someone? Anyone?? Helppp!!! Please?? If you know English and you come to my blog (for some reason, God knows why, very few people ever stop by LOL), pleease take 5 minutes to read the lyrics while listening to the song below…I really need to know if I got these lyrics more or less correctly…and if you have a different opinion on any parts, please let me know.Pretty please?? 🙂

Preciso saber a letra completa da música Glamorous Night (composta por Ivor Novello e com letra do Christopher Hassal). Não, não tem na internet, já procurei (tem por 10 reais, mas não quero pagar 😛 Também achei potencialmente aqui mas aqui no meu computador não aparece nada, apenas uma tela em branco dizendo “plug in ausente” :(). Ouvi 3 versões no Youtube, sendo que só uma delas tem a última estrofe (e cujo primeiro verso me é incompreensível!). As coisas que não entendi estão com (…) e interrogação, e com palavras que ouço mas que não fazem sentido 😛 Mesmo as partes que PENSO ter entendido, ainda tenho minhas dúvidas se é isso mesmo que é cantado… Ah, só mais uma coisa: algumas versões começam com o verso “Each night”, e outras com o verso “Deep in my heart”.

I’ve searched for the lyrics of Novello’s “Glamorous Night” (the song, not the whole musical :P) and I couldn’t find it, so I searched for the song on Youtube and I found 3 versions of it – and only one of them (Mary Ellis) has the last stanza…BUT I’m very deaf when it comes to understanding lyrics LOL Especially in a foreign language, and especially when they’re sung in an opera-like style 😛 This is what I got but it’s very incomplete…could you pleeeease tell me the parts that are missing and/or wrong?
Each night I make a song for you
Each night my spirit longs for you
Each night when I’m alone I listen to my heart
And want you for my own

Each night whenever music plays
Sad dreams of when????? (…) remember days
Sad dreams of your return
Make all my being yearn for love

Deep in my heart
When the shadows are falling
I hear a voice that is ever recalling
Moments of love when the moon shone above
Magical night
Glamorous night

Deep in my heart
Like an echo repeating
Comes the refrain of our first happy meeting
Can’t we regain that delight?
Let us kiss and recapture that grandeous
And glamorous night

(Deep in my glamorous night) so alone (so coooold???) and so fearful
Holding that hand with a sigh (?) almost tearful
We shall regain that delight
We shall kiss and recapture that grandeous
And glamorous night

(this is the one that has one more stanza) and
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