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Dreams of Nature

Sigur Rós ‘Valtari’ Mystery Film Experiment: Ég anda by Tatyana Zvanskaya
Producer: Victor Ermakov
Director: Tatyana Zvanskaya
First Assistant Director: Valeria Sosnovshchenko
Director of Photography: Aleksandr Kotenko
Editor & Colorist: Tatyana Zvanskaya
CG artist: Igor Isaev
Cast: Anastasia Zhidkova, Yana Tarabanko
Location: MONOLOG studio
Special thanks to Aleksandr Tsyganok, Sergey Kosyakov, Ivan Stepanov, Mary Kuzmenkova and Katya Fedotova.

Review by Eric Stashak
Director Tatyana Zvanskaya’s film “Dreams of Nature” is a crisp and beautifully rendered version of Plato’s famous Allegory of the Cave, set to the music of the Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Ros, purveyors of the finest spacey-dream-music imaginable. In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, a man spends his whole life chained to a rock in a cave, and seeing shadows of real things projected onto the wall, mistakes those shadows for real things, until he steps outside and sees the true nature of things in the sun of wisdom. A familiarity of the Allegory is crucial for understanding the video: the dazzlingly gorgeous Albino actress Anastasia Zhidkova spends the build-up to the song among pinecones, scattered books, and bits of trees, and only when the song is reaching its climax does she run outside to the world of real objects. This world is bright and hazy, due in part to the overwhelming nature of things seen in sun after only seeing them indoors. Zvanskaya’s film takes a moving idea and makes it gorgeous in solid blues and icy greys.

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Essa semana foi legal!

Passei bastante tempo com o Adônis, conheci uma pessoa nova (;)), revi amigos da facu, diversos parentes que não via há meses (tudo bem que passei mal, mas isso é apenas um detalhe :P) e andei PRA CARAMBA kkkkkkkkkkk Ah, e vi plantinhas, tomei sorvete e um sol que acarretou nessa beleza de ficar com um braço de uma cor e outro de outra 😀

PS – tem dias que consigo logar no outro blog, tem dias que não…ou seja, eu meio que retomei lá, mas cá continua sendo o lugar pra postar quando lá dá pau 😛

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